When is the cheapest time to book my snow holiday package?

Many accommodation providers can offer us their best rates around April and May for the next snow season. This means that if you want to secure a great deal, it's best to start making enquiries early.

In the travel industry they call these packages 'earlybird deals'. Many earlybird deals have special stipulations where payment must be made by a certain date to secure the special rate. However by booking early, these payments can be easily managed and we will make sure that you know the necessary payment deadlines and amounts well in advance.

Of course we still get enquiries within weeks (and often days) of the travel date. While we are still able to cater to these customers, the options can often be limited and many accommodation providers cannot offer special rates this close to check-in.

If you are starting to plan your next snow holiday in Japan, please contact us today to ensure a great deal.

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